About Us

We are PROHATS…… a name synonymous with result-oriented professionals offering transformational solutions to its clients.

As management consultants, we claim pride in being Technology architects and Compliance & Efficiency soldiers for our clients. We do not define Client’s Risk areas to fit our suggested solutions. Instead, we empathetically listen to client’s understanding on the issues, analyze the problem, form a hypothesis and problem statement and offer the best fitting solutions with blend of technology. Our advisory practice cuts across Strategic White paper to offer tangible solutions and offer on-ground execution.

We believe that not every problem is unique but the variables around it makes it unique. As world awakes to disruption in Technology evolutions, automation at work place is the buzz word which if not practised swiftly, will create huge redundancies. We help Clients embrace these solutions and trigger transformation with replacing old laggard way of approach to tasks. Clients appreciate our ability to rigorously structure strategic problems and apply robust quantitative analytics and effective technological interventions across finance, legal, supply chain, marketing, sales and customer service disciplines.

Our solutions are tailored & customised to suit business needs in order to help Organisation’s executive team become responsive to market & competition demands and deliver results with highest accuracy. We continue to work with our clients in both domestic and global markets in legal, compliance & taxation space offering services with core understanding of laws and industry and offer technology solutions for business to use digital evolution and decide what more they can do.

  • Being a Change maker ……….
  • We identify Solutions to the Problems & Inefficiencies.
  • We blend Technolgy with advisory for added intelligence
We help our clients find solutions to some common problem statements…………..
  • Managing Change Management?
  • Paucity of dependable soldier to manage compliances?
  • Reactive actions instead of Pro-active?
  • Lack of Technology based Automations/ Business Intellligence - Gaps Unplugged & Processeses fragmanted ?
  • No Dr. Compliance assisting clients on adherence to law – BOD at risk?

Our Strength is our ability to offer Advisory & Solutions with Technology & deploy it with perfection at Client’s place

  • Digitisation

    Organisations not knowing what to do and whether it will be disruputive enough to jeopardise their business model

  • Compliances Awareness across organisation

    Rising Governance importance puts at risk the Brand and reputation with any small compliance lapses

  • Analytics Tools & Selection

    Solutions needed to be tailored to business needs – Varies options from Tableau to OLAP based Analytics – Descriptive / Inquisitive / Predictive

  • Internal Controls & Business Processes

    Solutions require Smart way of assessment / Commercial understanding of business & documentation / Re-engineering of Business processes hardly gettaken serously

    • Build a Governance Shield to mitigate Risks & facilitate Compliances
    • Embrace Analytics & Business Intelligence for quick information systems, decisions & Competitive Differentiation
    • Promote dependencies on artificial intelligence with evolution in Technology & Automation
    • Selection of tailored or best Techno solutions for greater operational efficiency
    • Continuous Re-engineer Business Processes with Best Practices
    • Offer Solutions to Strengthen Controls Environment & capture incidents via technology to expedite prompt actions
    • Inculcate Commercial Acumen for effective Execution Strategy
    • Guide organisations on S&OP planning with tax diversities and global tax structuring
    • Build awareness on IPR rights as Product lifecycles are prone to competitive pressures
    • Identify Start-up companies suiting target investors for funding needs & Asset management with technology interventions and CXO’s services
  • Customer Loyalty

    Dialing up customer experience in telecommunications

    A Net Promoter System® helps increase customer acquisition and reduce churn.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    Salesforce integration generates M&A success in healthcare

    Creating a single sales model helps this combined entity exceed synergy expectations.

  • Organizational Design & Operating Model

    Creating a regional operating model in medical devices

    A centralized and united organization positioned the company to gain millions.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Analytics guide an entertainment company's growth strategy

    Bain's Advanced Analytics Group unlocks insights that prompt action and yield results.

  • Strategy

    Focus on core delivers growth for retailer

    A family-founded company—with roots dating back generations—reaches new heights with its strategy refocused on its core business.

  • Supply Chain Management

    Turning around a reactive pharma supply chain

    Bain helped turn a pharma company's supply chain into a source of competitive advantage.

  • Procurement

    Constructing a best-in-class global procurement organization

    Bain worked with an industrial company to reap hundreds of millions in procurement savings.

  • Customer Strategy & Marketing

    Applying commercial excellence in chemicals

    A global manufacturer captures value from sales and marketing.