We all saw this storm of disruption and very few have woken up to the reality……..DIGITISATION!!!
In simple parlance, conversion of analogue information into digital form is Digitization.

An Exponential leap in technology and termed as greatest evolution post Internet era, the pace at which this technology modernization is happening is leaving many businesses wonder on what and how to respond.

There are no clear winners as every passing day, week or month, every player in the race has a differentiated technology application which is making old ways of doing businesses redundant.

We at PROHATS help businesses embrace these advances by understanding the Problem statement and then marrying this with a techno-commercial solution in an optimum way.

  • RFId based solutions

    Asset & Employee Monitoring, Kids Security, Automations at Schools & Univ.

  • Automated Warehousing Sol

    Vision picking with Smart glasses

  • Cloud-based Fin Tools (Tally, SAP)

    Fin. & Ops planning tool, Fin. Dashboard tool for SME on Tally, etc

  • PLM, CRM & Analytics

    Product Engg. Tools, Cloud based Services & Mktg. tools, Tableau, Predictive Analysis (R & Python based)

  • HRMS (Cloud based Sol.)

    Automation at workplace with HRMS solution & External Platform integration including Recruitment, E-Com, etc

  • RFId based solutions

    a) Tag your Assets & Packaged products for intra-co. movements

    b) Bring efficiency with goodness of RFID & GPS in Projects, Employee field movements.

  • Automate your warehousing Solution Vision Picking at Warehousing loc

    Improve your ROI & enhance your accuracy with deployment of Low-skill workers at Warehouse (Replaces Bar code scanning machines)

  • Cloud-based Fin Tools (Tally, SAP)

    Low cost solutioning for dashboards & ratio analysis with API with Tally, SAP, etc.

  • PLM, CRM & Analytics

    i) Bring your entire Product Life Cycle Management with Engg. designs & Change notes on cloud

    ii) Embrace goodness of Service, Sales & Mktg cloud with in-built AI (Salesforce, etc.)

    iii) Build capabilities in FP&A function with goodness of Tableau & other free wares supporting Predictive, Descriptive analysis

    iv) Statistical Modelling

  • HRMS (Cloud based Sol.)

    Embrace HR Analytics platform integrated with Employee Life Cycle, Hiring worflows, Exp. Mgt & Payroll Mgt. and External integrations