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São Paulo Airport Code for GRU International Airport (Guarulhos: Governador André Franco Montoro). Cookies são pequenos ficheiros de texto armazenados no seu computador através do navegador (browser). The city is the capital of the homonymous state of São Paulo, Brazil's most populous and wealthiest state.The name of the city honors Saint Paul of Tarsus. Airport codes are, CGH (São Paulo–Congonhas Airport) and GRU (São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport). At the airport, the stop for both buses is at the Arrivals level road connecting the wings of Terminal 2. Como o Terminal 4 está separado dos outros trê - panoramio.jpg 4,000 × 3,000; 2.12 MB Completion: May 2016. It is popularly known locally as either Cumbica Airport, after the district where it is located and the Brazilian Air Force base that still exists at the airport complex, or Guarulhos Airport, after the municipality of Guarulhos, in the São Paulo metropolitan area, where it is located. World airport database, where you can find ICAO, IATA codes of Airport codes Sao Paulo, Sao … If you see an error in this information, feel free to request an update. [18] Infraero, the state-run organisation, will remain with 49% of the shares of the company incorporated for the administration. São Paulo has two major airports. [84], Aeroporto-Guarulhos station is opposite to Terminal 1, which is Guarulhos Airport's smallest and least busy, and not linked to the other terminals except by a shuttle bus. Sao Paulo Airport is also known by the name GRU Airport, or simply GRU, is the primary international airport serving São Paulo.Locally, it is called as Cumbica Airport or Guarulhos Airport.The second busiest airport in Latin America, São Paulo serves the city of São Paulo, Brazil and has passenger traffic of more than 36 million. IATA airport code is CGH. A train service development and construction has also been planned, however never concluded and cancelled. The ride takes about one hour, depending on traffic. Since 2012, the airport has been operated by a consortium composed of Invepar S/A, Airports Company South Africa, and Infraero. Is adventure travel your thing, then check out these amazing photos. GRU / SBGR are the airport codes for São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport. [16], Following a decision made on April 26, 2011 by the Federal Government for private companies being granted concessions to explore some Infraero airports,[17] on February 6, 2012, the administration of the airport was conceded, for 20 years, to the Consortium Invepar-ACSA composed by the Brazilian Invepar, an Investments and Funds Society (90%) and the South African ACSA – Airports Company South Africa (10%). [85] The excessive number of complicated train changes through crowded commuter rail and subway lines, and the added inconvenience of the shuttle bus from Terminal 1 for most passengers, especially carrying luggage, has attracted criticism to the São Paulo state government, responsible for São Paulo's subway and commuter rail systems, which has been accused of flawed planning and overindulgence with the airport's private concessionaire. [32] The American Airlines one is capable of performing line maintenance on two wide-body aircraft at the same time, of the types commonly used by the U.S. company on routes between São Paulo and the United States and the LATAM one is capable of performing line maintenance of one wide-body aircraft. IATA Brazil Av. GRU Airport. In 2010, the airport served more than 26.8 million passengers, an increase of 24% over 2009 and passenger volumes were 31% in excess of its capacity rated at 20.5 million per year at its present configuration. The airport would feature two 3500m runways, a 340,000sqm passenger terminal and a 70,000sqm cargo terminal. The Training Center is located near Congonhas Airport, which is around 40km away from Guarulhos International Airport. [11], In order to relieve the acute overcrowding at Terminals 1 and 2, Infraero announced on May 17, 2011 that the former cargo terminals of defunct airlines VASP and Transbrasil, later used by Federal Agencies, would undergo renovations and adaptations for use as domestic passenger terminals with remote boarding. The airport is located 25 km (16 mi) from downtown São Paulo. [82] The line was opened initially on a trial phase and operates only on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., with trains every 30 minutes to the suburban station of Engenheiro Goulart in eastern São Paulo city, from where a further connection with CPTM's line 12 and at least another one by subway will be necessary to reach downtown and the main business areas. São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) Distance from São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport to Jaguariúna is 60.1 miles / 96.8 kilometers. Opened for, This page was last edited on 13 January 2021, at 13:18. São Paulo has two main airports: São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) and Congonhas-São Paulo Airport (CGH). São Paulo/Guarulhos – Governador André Franco Montoro International Airport (IATA: GRU, ICAO: SBGR) is the primary international airport serving São Paulo. [29], There are two navigational aids that GRU traffic uses. This service provides transportation connecting Guarulhos to Congonhas airport; to Tietê Bus Terminal; to Palmeiras-Barra Funda Intermodal Terminal, to Faria Lima Ave; To Republica Square (Praça da República); To Berrini Ave., Itaim Bibi district; and to the circuit of hotels along Paulista Avenue and Rua Augusta. International flights by LATAM also use the facitity. There are bus connections between the airports. As part of the conclusions of these studies, because of their location, strategic importance, and security issues, new passenger facilities would be constructed in the areas of Galeão Air Force Base in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo Air Force Base in São Paulo. Sao Paulo Airport Map. Viracopos – Campinas International Airport (IATA: VCP, ICAO: SBKP) (sometimes referred to as São Paulo/Campinas or São Paulo/Viracopos) is an international airport serving the municipality of Campinas, in the São Paulo State.On 6 January 1987, the airport name was officially normalized to its present form. Residents of Guarulhos can access the road via Monteiro Lobato Avenue. Since November 28, 2001 the airport has been named after André Franco Montoro(1… [26][22] The field elevation at the airport is 750 metres (2,459 ft) above mean sea level. Atterraggio e decollo in tempo reale, prenotazione hotel, informazioni meteorologiche e mappe. [85], To solve this situation, Governor João Doria and State Secretary of Metropolitan Transports Alexandre Baldy proposed a people mover to connect the CPTM station directly to the airport, estimated to be opened in May 2021. If you are planning to travel to Campinas, Sao Paulo or any other city in Brazil, this airport locator will be a very useful tool. The new numbering reflects the order by which terminals are reached when one arrives at the airport by the access road, and is expected to be less confusing in the long term. Sao Paulo's safe taxi service to Sao Paulo city hotels, and airport transfer service to and from all suburbs of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Quickly Guarulhos became the city's primary airport, supplanting São Paulo–Congonhas Airport. Cost: R$370,5M. It's the biggest airport in São Paulo, Brazil and covers many of destinations and countries. This page gives complete information about the Viracopos Airport along with the airport location map, Time Zone, lattitude and longitude, Current time and date, hotels near the airport etc...Viracopos Airport Map showing the location of this airport in Brazil. Pode consultar a Política de Cookies da ANA aqui. Former Terminal 4 was renumbered Terminal 1; former terminals 1 and 2, which were wings of a single building, became the new Terminal 2. Plans for a third runway were decided to be "technically impracticable" and were cancelled in January 2008. However, the former concessionary, Infraero, experienced many legal and bureaucratic difficulties, which prevented most (if any) of these improvements from being completed on schedule. Major airports near Sao Paulo, Brazil: The nearest major airport is Congonhas-São Paulo Airport (CGH / SBSP). Check-in counters and gates were also renumbered, with the first digit being now the new terminal number. Since November 28, 2001 the airport has been named after André Franco Montoro (1916–1999), former Governor of São Paulo state. [15] The new terminal, in its first phase, increased the capacity of the airport in 5.5 million passengers/year and, in the second phase to 8 million passengers/year. Runway 09R/27L is 3,000 metres (9,843 ft) long and 45 metres (148 ft) wide, while runway 09L/27R is 3,700 metres (12,140 ft) long and 60 metres (200 ft) wide, after being widened in 2015 to better receive the Airbus A380. This line started its operations experimentally on March 31, 2018. [24] IATA airport code is VCP. [10] Some of its facilities are shared with the São Paulo Air Force Base of the Brazilian Air Force. If you need a custom feed, let us help you. In Pullman São Paulo Guarulhos, bedrooms are spacious, comfortable, with special accommodation for children, people with reduced mobility, offices, air-conditioning, and free WIFI. Viação Cometa offers daily departures to and from the airport and the cities of Santos, Sorocaba, São Vicente, and Praia Grande. [5], The airport was the busiest in Brazil in terms of transported passengers, aircraft operations, and cargo handled in 2012, placing it as the second busiest airport in Latin America by passenger traffic (36,596,326 in 2016)[6] after Mexico City International Airport. There are 2 large, 1 medium and about 1 small airport in São Paulo A Relaxing Stay at São Paulo Airport Modern amenities and first-class service in international Terminal 3 TRYP by Wyndham São Paulo Guarulhos Airport is a transit hotel located inside the international departure area of São Paulo—Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) Terminal 3. Our API offers many options for a variety of different feeds. Contrary to what had been announced before, the new terminal will be permanent. São Paulo has two main airports: São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) and Congonhas-São Paulo Airport (CGH). [78] At the airport, tickets can be purchased at the counter located outside the lounge of the Terminal 1, Wing B's arrivals level. At Tatuapé, both buses can be picked up on a platform of that multimodal station's North side bus terminal. Bus transportation is available through the Airport Bus Service, an executive bus line, administered by EMTU and operated by Consórcio Internorte – Área 3. On June 6, 1967, in response to the growth of the air traffic in Brazil, the Brazilian military government initiated studies concerning the renovation of the airport infrastructure in Brazil. [26], Infraero unveiled a R$ 1,489.5 million (US$784.7 USD million; €549.8 EUR million) investment plan to upgrade Guarulhos International Airport, focusing on preparations for the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the Summer Olympics in 2016. São Paulo/Guarulhos – Governador André Franco Montoro International Airport[4] (IATA: GRU, ICAO: SBGR) is the primary international airport serving São Paulo. The airport has three passenger terminals, numbered 1, 2, and 3, according to their order along the airport access road when arriving from the city. [87] In November 2020, the Brazilian federal government, throught the Ministry of Infrastructure, authorized the construction of the people mover, which should cost R$ 175 million (approximately US$ 47.7 million in 2019). [31], Since March 2017 American Airlines invested US$ 100 million on a 17,000 m2 (180,000 sq ft) maintenance hangar at Guarulhos Airport, building together with the LATAM Hangar of R$ 130 million. Construction of Terminal 3, capable of handling 12 million passengers per year, had been planned since 2001 but due to a myriad of political and economic problems, the actual construction didn't begin until 2011. [27] Runway 09R/27L is used preferentially for landings and runway 09L/27R preferentially for takeoffs, but the Airbus A380 uses the longer and wider latter runway for both landing and taking off. As of 2014, there was an average of 650 takeoff and landing operations per day at the airport.[28]. Viação Transdutra connects the airport with the city of Arujá. Cost: R$ 19M. Find contact information, airport abbreviations and more. Use our interactive map, address lookup, or code list to find the correct zip code for your postal mails destination. An IATA airport code is a three-letter code designating many airports around the world (including Brazil), defined by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Die Eröffnung erfolgte 1936, der erste Flug hatte Rio de Janeiro als Ziel und wurde von einem Flugzeug der VASP durchgeführt. Book now saopauloairporttransfers.com In 1989 the runways were extended and the terminals renovated, enlarged, and had their capacity increased from 7.5 million to 8.25 million passengers/year. Sao Paulo is a municipality located in the southeast region of Brazil. [23] On November 14, 2015, Emirates operated a one-time special flight with the A380 on its Dubai-São Paulo route to commemorate its eight years of operations in Brazil. Der Flughafen São Paulo-Guarulhos (IATA: GRU, ICAO: SBGR), auch bekannt als Aeroporto Internacional de São Paulo/Guarulhos oder Aeroporto de Cumbica, ist ein brasilianischer Flughafen in Cumbica, einem Stadtteil von Guarulhos, und liegt damit in der Metropolregion São Paulo. However, the first phase of the construction comprising two runways and two terminals started only on August 11, 1980. Hélio Smidt, s/nº - Cumbica, Guarulhos - SP São Paulo, Brazil, 07190-100 IATA Code: GRU ICAO Code: SBGR Latitude: 23.4306° S Longitude: 46.4730° … The whole complex covered 13.86 square kilometres (3,425 acres), of which 5 square kilometres (1,200 acres) is urbanised area. [3] Media in category "Congonhas-São Paulo International Airport" The following 68 files are in this category, out of 68 total.

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