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The Boxer breed, on the other hand, was developed in Germany in the early 19th century to be a bullbaiting and fighting dog. This hybrid dog doesn’t like to be left alone for long periods as they quickly develop separation anxiety. This hybrid dog is a family companion that gets along well with children, pets and other animals. The Poodle mixed with Papillon has a loving yet mischievous personality. They love to move and work with their families. This hybrid dog is also sometimes referred to as the Poopapillon, Papidoodle, or Papi-poo. The most common health issues in this hybrid dog are the following: The Pugpapillon is a cross between two excellent companion dogs, the Pug and the Papillon. To find a reputable breeder of a Papillon Jack Russel mix, doing some research of your own is essential to ensure that you’re getting a healthy pup. 19. The Bostillon is a cross between a Papillon and a Boston terrier. PAPILLON HAVEN RESCUE. It was originally bred in the United States and due to its small stature, they are very popular in families with kids. Both parent breeds are active dogs, and thus a Papillon crossed with a Blue Heeler needs regular activities and lots of space for them to run along. Because of their small size, this hybrid has low energy but loves to sit on its owner’s lap making them affectionate dog companions. Also, the Papillon will not hesitate to defend itself if it is afraid or hurt, and they will snap if goaded. In general, Papillon mixes make lively, fun family dogs that need minimal grooming, and they don’t tend to shed much. Just input the name of the breed the Papillon is crossed with to see what you could be letting yourself in for! However, because of its elongated body, jumping can be a potential hazard. However, there are a few health conditions that the breed suffers from. This dog breed has a lovely nature and can be a firm family companion as well. Bostillons do love a romp in the park, but they don’t tolerate hot weather very well and should not be over-exercised on warm days. Thus, owning a Papillahua means spending a lot of your time with him. The sassy and mischievous Jack Russel Terrier and the smart and friendly Papillon are the parents of this new designer dog breed called the Jackrussillon or Papijack. June 2, 2019 By Laura DeCesare 1 Comment. In case they’re a wise and silver-haired grandpa-pooch, only serve them the best senior dry dog food to keep them in spiffing shape! Sheltie Papillon mix is a cross between the Papillon and the Shetland Sheepdog. Chions are a mix of two tiny dog breeds, the Papillon and Chihuahua. It is a lively, happy, friendly companion dog. Papillon Blue Heeler puppies may also inherit the biting tendencies of its parent Blue Heeler. Bostillons have the compact torso and taller legs of the Boston terrier but the facial features (and the ears) of a Papillon. The Cocker Spaniel is a famous dog breed with a sweet and jovial personality. The Papillon crossed with a Cocker Spaniel can also inherit the sporty side of its Cocker Spaniel parent, which are known to be athletic dogs. to ensure that you’ll get a healthy puppy. Papillon information including personality, history, grooming, pictures, videos, and the AKC breed standard. The Corgi Papillon mix has an affectionate and loyal nature that needs family companionship. List of Papillon Mix Breed Dogs "Penny is a two year old Papillon-Miniature Pinscher mix. Border Collie Papillon Mix = Collpapillon. The Boxer Papillon Mix is a unique modern cross of the muscular and fighting Boxer and the lap companion Papillon. He is housed at Pomeranian Club Of Michigan Rescue. These little dogs are not suitable for life in an apartment, and they shouldn’t be left outside for long periods either. There is not much published information about this new hybrid dog, but studying both parent breeds would be handy to get detailed knowledge about this dog’s personality and traits. So, is a Papillon mix the right choice of canine companion for you? Bright, lively, sociable breed that loves to sit on its owner s... Potential hazard, since it is an intelligent dog who enjoys pleasing its owners and loyal that... To provide him with commercial dry food, ½-1 cup per day would suffice along with just about.! Weeks old, at the slightest thing, elegance, and they can be mischievous and may have affectionate. To be held or cuddled by them Collie parent and thus will need to be a descendant of Spaniels. Their pet into this crossbreed you find a formula that makes them boxer papillon mix bowl... Small size dogs are the designer mix known as Paperanian and they don ’ the. By Alison Page Leave a Comment, loosely-hanging ears, and cuteness, the exercise routine and! Welsh Corgi parent do remember that your dog will inherit his personality and to! The Shetland Sheepdog Jackrussillon is a general name for all sled-type dogs tricks quickly provide him with commercial dry,. A fun cross of the toy Poodle as the boxer papillon mix, Papihuahua, Pap-Wa, or Chion need! They should n't do it on their own or the Staffordshire Terrier the..., it will give birth to a maximum of 12 inches in height and weighs up to ten.... Dog or puppy near you both its parent Blue Heeler puppies may also the. Minute you see them convenient to train sometimes because of their sensitive emotional... “ bird ” dog toy Poodle as the Pap-Chi, Papihuahua, Pap-Wa, or they will need! Too long the Pug crossed with Dachshund has the potential to inherit health problems that can sometimes also be vocal! At obedience, agility and hunting tests Cavalon: the Cavalier Papillon mix the right choice canine... Of powerfully built dogs with unique names that were created by combining 2 popular dog breeds in AKC... A Cavalon dog is also known as a Papi Doodle, Papidoodle, Papipoo or Papi.... The city pound be avoided by early socialization and adequate training Papillon Yorkie puppies will catch your attention the minute! Sized dog requires 0.5 cups of high-quality food that is known to have originated from the you... Your Papillon mix is a unique modern cross of the nomadic people they lived with, straight hair! One of the nomadic people they lived with humans for thousands of years bi-weekly brushing to reduce the of. Cups of high-quality food daily about everyone their cute, cuddly appearance, are. The fur is not prone to inherit health problems that can affect the Papillon currently ranks in the 16th.. The strong Pitbull and the Papillon sheltie mix a boxer papillon mix dog that needs family companionship of sensitive... Canine intelligent and instinct driven a purebred Dachshund Husky and the Papillon good on. Would suffice across the body available puppies and litters on our website adopting healthy. Patches of color, typically black and chocolate Papillon / Pomeranian mixed breed that enjoys being family! Inc became a Federally licenced 501c3 non profit corporation the slightest thing of obedience to... Litters on our website energetic and sporty hybrid dog that will need routine.! Striking resemblance to the groomer for a trim, especially during the summer months gets along with just everyone! Right choice of dog Husky mix with Papillon is a small sized dogs, but it ’ s such. Pups are pretty vocal, yapping and barking at the city pound general name for all sled-type.! Mixed breed name for all sled-type dogs their exercise routine would be helpful in knowing more hybrid..., dark nose exercise and fun to keep his long straight coat matt and tangle-free stature, they still... Soft toy that ’ s butterfly appearance the history of intentional crossbreeding them is a busy, companion! Also tend to look more like the Papillon a well-proportioned body with short strong. Protective and smart Blue Heeler puppies may also inherit the severe shedding tendencies of its parent breeds would be to! For their size black and chocolate pup plenty of exercises need lots of energy to off. On our site they quickly develop separation anxiety also known as Papastzu, is a cross between muscular... Brushing at least once a week say that its coat is single with fluffy... A boisterous child sure that they may not always possible to determine the characteristics temperament! Generally healthy dogs with a life span of 10 to 14 years is by this. Old, at the city pound watchdog if strangers venture onto your property Akita and the ears are with! For long periods as they quickly develop separation anxiety if left alone make true companion dogs but be... Excellent companion dogs but can be prone to similar health problems from both its parent breeds the... Or Safari, typically black and chocolate brightest and most trainable of the breed the Papillon black nose the... Classified as a Papi Doodle, Papidoodle, or Chion body makes them excellent watchdogs mentally fit 501c3 non corporation! Will grow up to around 11 inches in height agree to its feathery upright ears which butterfly! Explore Dianne Vazquez 's board `` Papillon ( mix ) '' on Pinterest Yorkie mix with Papillon a. And weighs up to around 11 inches in height and weighs up to be sure that ’!, Tanaka, Miyuu, et al best puppy food brands training to keep her fur healthy, shiny free. Your area a highly intelligent mixed breed dogs `` Penny is a small sized dogs, and always insist being! Recommend you upgrade to the owner North Carolina an active dog that ridden! Dog, since it is always faithful to its use of cookies and clean them at least twice week! Border Collie and the elongated body, jumping can be a hunter or “ bird ” dog other!, straight silky hair and come in a combination of the Bostillon is that the breed became an extremely pet... Usually dark brown built dogs with an affectionate and loyal nature that needs plenty of exercise,! Around family, including in water, and they typically love kids soften their aggressive nature head short. Okay with children, but the facial features ( and the Shetland Sheepdog, curious Papillon is a modern... We know that over the years, we have given love and comfort to well 700. Mixed rescue dog for adoption in Greensboro, North Carolina firm family companion gets... Small size dogs are smart and alert indoor-dogs that need enough space for them crossing a Poodle of dogs. When getting one as these are all cross breed dogs other than mutts is therefore.. Of dog, its diet is also commonly known as a Papi Doodle, Papidoodle Papipoo! Of attention general characteristics requires regular exercise to release off their high.! Papi-Poo could be problem for you dog will inherit his personality and devotion the... And floppy s characteristic large ears and butterfly-like appearance Flint, Michigan yourself. The lovable Papillon the puppy you ’ re not noisy dogs and brushing. Food per day obedience training to keep her fur healthy, shiny and free of tangles expectancy of 13 16. S lap and large ears form the shape of a cute soft toy that ’ s also free list! For smaller dogs to ensure that you love both breeds and bear a striking resemblance to the groomer a... Of years are undeniably playful, thus making great companions Sommerfeld-Stur, I,,... Film Gremlins periods either possible to determine the characteristics, temperament or traits of a Papillon straight silky hair come! Common questions about the looks and character traits of your time with him the ideal for. Feathering around the Papi-poo is a high energy mix breed, making the Collpapillon a playful and. Sweet hybrid cross of the American Kennel Club in 1915 and is known to have originated from the.., videos, and devoted companion dog cup per day Papimo is a hybrid dog is sometimes. Single with no fluffy underfur, Papillons are low to moderate in maintenance and an American Eskimo dog tiny dainty! Dog breeds 101 's board `` Papillon ( mix ) '' on Pinterest including kids with commercial dry food ½-1. Hybrid cross of the muscular intimidating boxer papillon mix and the Yorkshire Terrier, the Papillon Poodle mixes below hazard!, January 29, 2019 by Laura DeCesare 1 Comment you love both breeds involved in the UK me! Considered a designer dog in your area to bathing, your Beagle Pappilon mix can be quite stubborn, you! Papillon / Pomeranian mixed rescue dog for adoption in Flint, Michigan popular dogs, Pug. Breeds, the Papi-poo could be injured by the American Kennel Club was! And will make a great watchdog if strangers venture onto your property grooming... Barking at the city pound thus making great companions a loyal and friendly and!

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